ACENZ works alongside other organisations in the engineering and built and natural environment. Below are a few of our sister organisations, contact details and more information on each. In addition to professional body organisations, a number of institutions offer information on the engineering profession through tertiary studies. 

IPENZ (Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand)
The sister oganisation of ACENZ, focusing on technical training, education and advocy. IPENZ members are indiviudals that can practice in New Zealand. IPENZ also manages the Chartered Professional Engineers certification process, commonly known as CPEng. IPENZ handles disciplinary matters for individual engineers.
Registration Authority 
A branch of IPENZ, tasked with the certification and maintenance of the Chartered Professional Engineers programme, commonly refered to as CPEng. Not all engineers must be CPEng certified to practice and CPEng qualifications must be renewed every 6 years. 
IPWEA (Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia)
The society to uphold and improve the status of engineering and management of public assets in New Zealand. This organisation has individual memberships for those involved in the engineering industry and those involved in public asset managment (such as local councils and government entities, etc.)
NZIA (New Zealand Institute of Architects)
The professional body for the promotion and celebration of architecture in enhancing the built environment. NZIA has individuals as members and focus on technical training and certification. Many architects work closely with engineers, the former focusing more on design of structures and places. 
 Consulting Engineers Advancement Society
Known simply as CEAS, a risk management organisation providing risk management advice, loss prevention information, group insurance (including professional indemnity), claims management and assistance to those in the engineering industry. There is a special deal if your firm is joining ACENZ and CEAS for the first time at the same time.
CONNEXIS is the new brand representing the merged InfraTrain and Electricity Supply Industry Training Organisation (ESITO)
 CONNEXIS is the industry training organisation (ITO) for New Zealand's infrastructure industry. Membership is firm based, open to infrastructure companies, organisations and associations
 Civil Contractors New Zealand Contractors (CCNZ)
CCNZ is a firm based membership organisation which represents the civil engineering, construction and general contracting sectors. Members range from sole practitioners to large companies providing the building and maintenance of NZ's roading, transport and public services infrastructure for both the public and private sector.
Standards New Zealand
 Standards NZ is the leading developer and publisher of standards and standard solutions acting as the national standards body and operating arm of the standards council. They are responsible for managing the development and distribution of standards across a range of sectors. ACENZ members qualify for discounts with STandards NZ and use of their online library services



 Now more than ever, the importance of understanding what engineers do and how much their work impacts everyday life is essential to ensuring New Zealand remains safe and supported for years to come. Find more information below on engineering programmes that offer four-year programmes that are Washington Accord Accredited (world standard for engineering programmes).


ACENZ offers worldwide exposure to engineering related matters through being a member and active participant of FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers). In addition to FIDIC, ACENZ maintains relevance and shares best-practice information with similar engineering organisations in the international realm. Find more information about those groups here or on our leadership page.



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